Youth Choir

Portland Christian United Choir

About Portland Christian United Choir


We are a young adult choir consisting of 99 (and growing) members with a mission to use our voices to spread the earth-shaking gospel  we live for. We seek to fulfill Jesus Christ’s big invitation, the Great Commission. Through music, we seek to bring the Truth and love of Jesus Christ to the States and beyond.  Young adults from churches all over the Portland Metro area have come together, unified in a shared passion. Utilizing our strong desire to worship the Lord and our love of music, we have put the two into one as one vision: to whole-heartedly serve both God and people.


Although our vocalists come from different upbringings and cultures, our growing ability to use teamwork, responsibility, and hard work has helped us to come together in one Spirit. In doing so, we have began to inspire many people through our musical service in churches.


The majority of our performances take place in local churches, serving over twenty churches this past year singing multilingual songs! We have had the incredible opportunity to travel to the east coast this year, where we took our worship to churches and also to the lost souls on the streets and public places; we joyfully brought God’s hope and light wherever He opened the door to do so.