Project Nepal


On the far east side of Nepal, almost bordering India is located a small BURUNGA village. The village setting, surroundings and the livestock roaming the gravel streets take you back to about 19th century. Split bamboo fencing running along the sides of the road and behind it are houses built out of bamboo filled with joy, laughter and smiling faces. As we walked those streets, we were welcomed in from one house to another and were greeted with hot milk tea and biscuits in every house.


The people we met were sweet and kind to us, and one thing that stood out the most was how hard-working they are. Working on the rice fields, raising livestock, picking tea leaves on tea plantations and at the same time raising a family and volunteering any free time left to help construct a building that will soon be a local community Christian Church. With the wages being at $1.50-$2/day the community still managed to put together about $1,000 for building materials and start the construction of the church.


When MPTG team showed up and saw the strong desire and effort of the community our team unanimously agreed to help raise finances to finish the already started project. From September 2014 to present time MPTG Has raised and donated over $5,000 for the purchase of building materials for the church. We are in the final stages of construction and are in need of finances to complete the project.


Our hope is to finish the construction by the end of 2015 and in January of 2016 to have the grand opening and dedication ceremony. So we kindly ask you to come on board and be a part of this project financially and prayerfully. May The Lord richly bless you!