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Victory School in India

In the month of August of 2014, God has made it possible for five members of Mission “Pathway to God” to reach the Doery tribe in Assam state of India. Upon arrival we were welcomed and warmly greeted by the local people. The people of the Doery tribe were very kind and were very interested in us. The ones that had courage came up to us and would pinch us, questioning our white skin saying “What do you eat that you’re white”. They sat there and compared our skin color.


 While living there with the tribe, it was very easy to gather the people together for fellowship, mostly because all of them wanted to see white people in person. Some of them have never seen a foreigner or a white person before. As we traveled through out the tribe, from house to house, we had a question that we asked every family. “What are the needs of your tribe and family?” The most repeated answer was: “Education for our children”.


In that moment it was clear what the need was and how we could help in the most effective way, — build a school! The land was purchased, contractors were hired, building materials were arranged and delivered, and construction began.  At the same time MPTG was praying to God for wisdom with the school project and for further vision to impact the whole community for The Kingdom. In the midst of bamboo shacks and rice fields, there, started rising a brick building that very soon became the center of attention: “Victory Christian English School”.


Late in December of 2014 five classrooms were completed, and admission for the 2015th year started. Nursery class, kindergarten and first grade were provided. A total of 83 students started their first year of school on January 12th, 2015.

Our vision is that in 10 years we will have a full functioning High School, Community Center, and a Christian Church, therefore construction and expanding of the school is an on-going process as finances permit. Each year were adding more classrooms, enrolling more students, hiring more teachers and sending more MPTG volunteers. By providing education of the English language and of Christ, we are providing a brighter future for the generations to come.


Our most important goal is that by providing education we can also bring the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to them. We believe that knowledge about Jesus will change their lives not only temporarily but eternally as well. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to live a guilt – free life that is filled with love, joy and peace which is found in Jesus Christ.


We humbly ask you to partner up with MPTG to reach the unreached and to start impacting lives for the Kingdom. Your donation of any amount will help change lives.


God Bless You!

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