Jan 17

January 24, 2017

The Beginning Eyes reluctantly open as light begins to flood in, unfamiliar sounds of birds -perfectly in tune with the faint and unusual car horns somewhere out in the distance; my first day here begins as I slowly roll out of the makeshift bed I spent the night in. My confused and searching countenance is met with the sight of dirt roads, some sort of palm trees and distant buildings silhouetted in the fog by the rising sun. “My God, my God, how great Thou art.” I like to reflect on moments where I find clarity. Moments where I sit...

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Feb 16

February 14, 2016

Mission Pathway to God (MPTG) had a successful grand opening of “Victory Christian English School” (VCES) in January of 2015 in Assam (a state in India). The school started and began with 4 operating grade levels: Nursery Primary Kindergarten Secondary Kindergarten 1st Grade

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